The Cromwell Family

Peru, Maine


We went to Peru, Maine, to work with Pastor Trent Filer of Faith Baptist Church between Thanksgiving of 2018, and New Years of 2019. This developed a pattern of service for US churches. We lived in the church apartment or prophet’s chamber, working during the week, and presented in churches on the weekends. The pastor commands his own pulpit: I do not expect to preach unless asked.

I tag-teamed with Pastor Filer to train three men in personal outreach and door-knocking, while Judy and Mrs. Filer worked together to organize the church’s first Christmas program. Pastor Filer worked a full-time job with a long commute, and lacked the time to conduct all the training himself. Each Tuesday afternoon, I would prepare materials and meet the men at the church, in time for Pastor Filer to arrive, pray, and lead us into nearby Rumford, Maine. At the end of five weeks, these men could operate independently at the direction of Pastor Filer.

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